Law or Love: Contemporary Family from Postmodern Perspectives with Deference to Islamic Viewpoints

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Professor of Law Faculty, University of Tehran, Iran


Postmodernism in the contemporary world asserts that there is neither a dominant nor an ideal marriage form as monogamy or even a classical family type. Unlike modernists who sought human issues as permanent entities, postmodernists believe in everything to be of a transient nature. In the same vein, they argue that love and law are ephemeral rather than eternal entities. Mariage blanc has increased in many aspects corollary to this ideology. In a world of no restrictions, postmodernists indulge in short and diverse satisfactions, whereas the classic world believed that long-lasting personal relationships are more important to personal fulfillment and happiness. Therefore, attitude toward marriage for a durable satisfaction is subdued to having a serious relationship. It seems, however, that quality in the relationships is superseded by quantity in the postmodern era.


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