Aims and Scope

The Iranian Journal of International and Comparative Law is committed to publish in-depth studies of contemporary issues in international and comparative law done by authors and experts around the world. The journal seeks to provide a review of current challenges and issues in International law and comparative law and international legal issues related to Iran, as well as explaining Iranian attitudes to international law and comparative law, utilizing insights and methods of experts and scholars of other countries toward Iranian legal issues and finding solutions to legal problems in the aspects of International and comparative law. The journal explores all issues at the forefront of international and comparative law, including International Law of Armed Conflicts, International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law and criminology, International Economic Law, International Trade Law, international Treaty Law, Law of International Organizations, International Intellectual Property Law, International Dispute Resolutions, International Law of the Seas, International Aerospace Law, International Energy Law, International Environmental Law, International Labor Law, The law of state responsibility, Private International Law, Philosophy of International Law, International Islamic Law, and Comparative Studies of Legal Issues in Different Legal systems. The journal also intends to cover diverse Iranian legal issues with international aspects, ranging from the laws, regulations and legal procedures with international dimensions, to judicial rulings of the Islamic Republic of Iran; and to critique the works of international law authors in all issues of the journal. Although Iran-related topics are a priority, the journal welcomes any articles on a variety of topics in international law or comparative law from around the world.